2008: Jim Neal for Senate

I was reading some posts on the startup world looking for political connections and discovered a story that demonstrates exactly how Google's search algorithm can inadvertently exert a huge negative influence. Search for "Satya Rangarajan" and Google shows you a Forbes article that suggests that this innocent entrepreneur appears to be involved in a fraud. "Inside The Scandal: Profit And Greed At An Embattled Laboratory ..." appears at the top of the search. Imagine if Satya were running for office...

Last night, in the North Caroline Democratic primary, Jim Neal lost in his bid to fight against Sen Elizabeth Dole for her seat in the US Senate to Democratic candidate Kay Hagen. However, he and his supporters have everything to be proud about and I wish Mr Neal all the very best in deciding next how he will continue his service to the community. This was his website for his 2008 run.

Change…it’s contagious

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I’m heartened by the loud rejection of status-quo politics which Iowans- Democratic, Independent and Republican- registered at their caucuses last night. I’m betting my Senatorial candidacy in NC (and have from the day I entered the race) that the electorate is no longer willing to recycle politicos in and out of office. No longer willing to follow the lead of special interest groups. No longer willing to fall in line with political machines. The gilded revolving door– open and shut by a political elite fueled by dollars and glib talking points bereft of personal conviction– is about to be slammed in November. Slammed shut by the only people who matter, the only people who own our democracy and the only people who vote: us.

We’re going to take back control of our democracy. It’s long-past time we did so. Young voters, who have come of age in a more democratic internet era, are making their own choices and checking into the political process. They voted in Iowa. Seventy percent of Iowa Democrats voted for “change” candidates over the establishment favorite. And– for the first time ever- a black man has taken center stage and in a state that is 90% white. So much for glass ceilings.

I am running for the US Senate in North Carolina. I’m not a status quo candidate. I’m a fresh face with a different voice. I come from the real world, not the jaded political world which has failed us. And I happen to be gay. People in NC– contrary to conventional wisdom– could care less. People in Iowa– contrary to conventional wisdom– cared less about Senator Obama’s race or Senator Clinton’s gender. They voted for change. Republican voters overwhelmingly supported Governor Huckabee and his plain-speak compassion on the volatile issue of immigration reform which ran against the headwinds of his own party’s signature wedge issue.

Down here, we’re a blue state with two red Senators. North Carolinians are a damned sophisticated lot. We’re edgy and we’re feeling disenfranchised. And, folks are getting on board of our campaign because they understand the difference between someone who is committed to putting the people first— and a professional politician who values their own political ambition and special interests loyalties first and foremost.

Democracy is reasserting itself. I’ll bet our founding fathers are smiling.

I sure am.

We need your support: every dollar, every vote and every volunteer will make the difference.

thanks, jim



Neal On The Issues


Health Care

We are all paying for the health care crisis - whether through escalating prices for insurance, doctor visits, or lower wages. The more money businesses put into health care, the less they put into your pay envelope.

We must cut soaring health care costs.  Our goal must be a family doctor for every family.

Right now, families tangle with a rat’s nest of insurance bureaucracies, HMO red tape and emergency room nightmares. They still don’t get the health care they need. And we all pay more for it.

We will lower health care costs by using technology to manage our care and not just deny our claims, expanding insurance buying groups to include all Americans, and moving patients from the emergency room to the family doctor’s office.

We must transition to health care instead of sick care. We must dramatically improve preventative medicine - it’s cheaper and makes more sense to teach children healthy eating habits than to amputate a diabetic’s limb.

My opponent’s vote against health care for children of working families was wrong - financially and morally. She accepts taxpayer-funded health insurance for herself but denies it to the children of working parents who pay for her coverage.

I oppose my opponent’s plan to turn Medicare over to the giant insurance companies.  She took money from our pocket and gave it to her contributors in the drug companies by preventing Medicare from negotiating lower prescription prices.   That’s not free market economics - that’s a free lunch. Our senior citizens have earned the right to make their own health care choices, not leave it up to some corporate insurance bureaucrat.


Economic Security

My opponent’s support for economic policies has been a disaster for middle class families.  Good-paying jobs are sent to countries that use slave labor, and here at home prices for gasoline, food and health care are soaring.

The only people who are prospering are the financial elites - the same people who buy off career politicians in Washington and Raleigh with campaign contributions.

Our national independence is threatened as the U.S. government borrows money from China to finance record budget deficits.   We are mortgaging America’s crown jewels - our productive assets - to finance massive trade deficits.

We need to start exporting American values, not American jobs.  When we ship jobs and industries overseas, we also ship our tax base overseas - that’s why America is losing its ability to pay for schools, roads and national defense.

Smart economic policy rewards corporate patriotism - companies that invest in America and make our communities better places to live.   The brave men and women who serve in our military stand by America - we need that same vision from corporate executives and the career politicians who take their money.

Our founding fathers knew that national security begins with economic security.  Smart economic policy works for the good of the farms, businesses and middle class families which are the backbone of North Carolina’s economy.


Social Security

We must protect Social Security from privatization schemes that would turn your Social Security check over to the same sort of folks that created the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

Over the past two decades, it has become commonplace for corporations to cut back and default on pension obligations, and Americans face increasing job insecurity.   I would never support a reckless financial strategy that exposes retirees to the loss of the guaranteed Social Security benefit they worked hard to earn.


Energy Independence

We must establish a crash program for energy independence. Emphasis on made-in-America renewable energy sources - alternatives to fossil fuels such as solar, wind and biofuels - and nuclear power will free our nation from the addiction to foreign oil while creating good-paying jobs here at home.

Renewable energy is a New Century industry we can export to the world.

America needs to lead the world as it always has - with new vision and cutting edge technologies for the future.


Government for Sale - Restoring Trust

Our founding fathers never envisioned our democracy putting self interest ahead of the people’s interest. Today, career politicians have put personal ambitions, special interests and partisan politics ahead of the interests of the people who elect them and pay their salaries.


I believe if you don’t come home and listen to the people, you can’t represent their voice their hopes and their interests in Washington.

I will be a public servant and will always remember who I work for, who pays my freight, and to whom I am accountable. That’s a pledge you can put in the bank.



My opponent has blindly backed the policies of the Bush-Cheney administration which took us away from the hunt for Osama Bin-Laden and entangled us in Iraq’s religious civil war.

This blunder will cost American taxpayers nearly $1 trillion - and has already cost more than 3,800 lives and tens of thousands more casualties.

Our troops have done everything we asked of them - and I don’t want to see any more of them die or suffer injury.

It’s time to bring them home to rejoin their families and be a part of their communities again. We have a duty to them to ensure they receive the medical care, education and career opportunities they have earned by putting their lives at risk for us.

After redeployment, we should only require small strategic units in the region to counter terrorism and protect vital American interests.

We need to spend our tax dollars here at home on what matters most - providing job security for middle-class families, ensuring the health of our families, and leading the fight to protect the air water and soil which sustains us.


Leadership Strategy for Entrepreneurship in North Carolina

I have spent my career in the private sector creating, financing and growing business and employment. I believe in the nobility of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Of creating not just jobs, but careers. Not just jobs, but jobs that pay good wages. Not just jobs, but jobs that add value. In short, quality, sustainable jobs that are grounded in entrepreneurship.Our nation is facing enormous financial challenges: spiraling national debt, global competition and financial market slight-of-hand. The stark reality is that we are part of a global economy and that is not going to change. Accordingly our state and our nation must adjust economic policies and growth strategies in order to remain competitive in the world theatre in which we now compete. During my career I have had to make decisions in turbulent economic environments to create opportunities for growth. Such experiences over many years inspire my vision for how your next US Senator can support entrepreneurship in North Carolina.

North Carolina’s future depends on building and enabling “homegrown wealth”: businesses formed by entrepreneurs in the State which create both lasting economic wealth and employment opportunities. Over the last century, the impact of North Carolina’s entrepreneurs in creating wealth and jobs here at home has been profound: the R.J. Reynolds, William Henry Belks, Buck Dukes, Moses & Caesar Cones of the late 19th century were followed in the 20th century by entrepreneurial trailblazers such as Jim Goodnight, Dennis Gillings, Matthew Szulik, Neal Hunter, Ralph Ketner, Eddie Smith and Fred Eshelman. These entrepreneurs shared a common thread: they built businesses which created wealth and good jobs which stayed in North Carolina. Not only did our economy benefit, but local wealth creation enhanced the standards of living statewide through the endowment of universities, schools, libraries, hospitals and green space for the benefit of all.

But it’s not only urban entrepreneurs and urban growth that North Carolina can celebrate. We lead the nation in rural entrepreneurship as well. About 85% of our state is rural and though businesses operating in rural areas aren’t as large or well-known as SAS, Quintiles, Red Hat or Cree, their innovation and growth are every bit as important to our economic diversity and resilience.

As your next US Senator, I’ll be a proponent of federal initiatives which support the development of homegrown wealth. I will work with the entrepreneurial leaders of our state who have had a hand in the growth and strength of our state’s economy. I believe that it is the responsibility of our political leaders to listen to stakeholders, and work with them to find common-sense solutions.

Homegrown wealth is a fairly simple concept, and it’s worked in Silicon Valley, Austin, and Boston just as well as it has here. The Certified Entrepreneurial Communities Program of AdvantageWest in western North Carolina is an excellent example of how communities can leverage rural entrepreneurial efforts to achieve increased sustainability, better jobs, and better economic resilience.

That’s important, for it will frame a simple concept as legislation which will have broad appeal to my Democrat, Republican, and Independent colleagues alike. I believe in a Federal Government that is a focused partner in establishing a fertile environment for entrepreneurial growth, and then gets behind local entrepreneurial thinking and decision-making.

After all, small business entrepreneurs are the economic engine driving our nation’s growth and that reality is only going to be magnified in the 21st century.

So, just how might that translate into policy? I’ll offer a few thoughts.


Raising the Education Bar

We can’t begin any dialogue about building smart businesses without acknowledging the necessity of a workforce trained for the white collar economy of the 21st century. Entrepreneurial opportunities in North Carolina are suffering at a time when less than 1/3rd of the four-year universities in the UNC General System have five-year graduation rates above 50% and our state’s high schools have the 6th worst dropout rate in the nation. Clearly, strengthening our public universities through expansion of such programs as Pell grants and targeted federal research grants will be key agenda items. Likewise, our public high schools are being undercut by federal mandates such as No Child Left Behind-a failed initiative which I would work to scrap and replace with a mandate to foster old-fashioned American innovation, creative thinking, and improved outcomes instead of test-taking skills.

It has been said that the backbone of the military is the non-commissioned officer corps. I say that the backbone for business incubation and skilled labor development is the community college system. North Carolina’s community colleges can compete with community colleges anywhere in the nation. So identifying or creating opportunities to build on this strength of our state through funding or legislation will make our government a partner in success.


Building Infrastructure to Raise Competitiveness

Let’s take those well-trained kids turned away by our education system and provide them with real opportunities in North Carolina’s home-grown economy. If we can provide the human capital -through university and community college-driven investment - infrastructure and financial capital, our entrepreneurial community can build homegrown economic engines for the 21st century.

The Appalachian Regional Commission has played a pivotal role in the development of the basic infrastructure in western North Carolina- I’ll support legislation providing the same for the eastern part of our state through the creation of the Southeast Crescent Authority as currently before the Congress.

We have made persistent and determined improvements in our information infrastructure across North Carolina. Global competitiveness begins with world-class telecommunication access. I will propose legislation further strengthening the digital backbone available to North Carolina and then providing competitive grants to build out the “middle mile” and “last mile” of connectivity. Again, this is the sort of legislation which can draw support across the ideological spectrum because the model can work for all states.


Provide Seed Capital

Based on personal experience, I can tell you that venture and private equity capital investors are increasingly raising the ante for funding new business creation, effectively making their investment mechanisms unavailable for most entrepreneurs. For most fledgling entrepreneurs the only option for funding new businesses is through the inefficient, painstakingly slow process of finding and persuading angel investors.


This is a challenge in which North Carolina is not unlike other states: a need to provide entrepreneurs with ready access to seed capital. I’ve worked extensively with the Small Business Administration in Washington, and have come to admire its Micro-Loan program. It’s a fairly new initiative which has been quite successful-more so than other SBA lending and finance programs. The SBA Micro-Loan program’s budget and loan caps must be expanded and its regional targets should be directed by public/private economic development authorities at the local level. If an expanded Micro-Loan program proves to be a success, it would serve as a model for a host of federal agencies to manage the myriad of development programs.


Entrepreneurial Spirit in Washington

Successful entrepreneurs don’t take wild risks; we take very calculated risks, learn fast and move forward. As your next US Senator, I will embrace the development of innovative ideas, track performance honestly and transparently-without pride or prejudice- in order to learn from real experience and then either scale up investment or accept loss and throw it out.

In these uncertain times, North Carolinians have a lot to be concerned with. Our current leadership is asleep at the switch. There are crucial decisions that need to be made by experienced professionals. As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned how one manages change to make the difference between falling behind and leaping ahead of the competition.



Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit is in the best interest of everyone: creating home grown wealth will benefit our economy, our communities, and our state far more than any big-business subsidy. That is why I hope that this letter is the beginning of discussion, not the end. I want to hear from the entrepreneurial community, not only about your challenges, but about your success. I want to hear your thoughts about how we continue to grow North Carolina in the 21st century. I am going to be your partner in this effort. I hope to earn your support for my candidacy, because North Carolina needs an experienced, dedicated voice that demands our fair share of development funding and accepts nothing less.